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Ivan: I suppose we will be handing out candy. I had an idea in mind for costumes, but Alfred is a “little” hesitant about it.

Alfred: No way dude! Sorry, but your princess is in another fucking castle. *grumbles* I’m not a princess…

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miss-sleepy-head said: (( So... there are so many genres of vampires out there? What is your favorite and least favorite? :D ))

(OOC: I’m assuming this is a question for the artist. My least favorite is obviously the Twilight series. The vampires there are depicted as a bunch of sparkling fairies who seem to know just how to react to any situation whatsoever. Also, they’re ‘perfect’ in every way, which I disagree with. My favorite depiction of vampires is probably by Anne Rice. They’re beautiful, deadly, and cunning. But they also have weaknesses and aren’t perfect beings. They each have their flaws. On a more monstrous note, I strangely like the depiction of vampires in the 30 Days of Night series. There’s nothing romantic or sweet about those vampires, but it’s interesting, gory, and great all at the same time.)

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Alfred: Since I’m in school for Literature and stuff, it’s kinda an added bonus that Ivan also shares a love of literature. We talk about it all the time!

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rubberduckyheart said: (for the artist) I hope you feel much better soon, You're so talented and funny! Don't get stressed, everything is going to be okay! I suggest a cup of hot tea or chocolate.

(OOC: Awwww, thanks so much! That’s mean so much to me. :’D I’ll try to get my dad to pick me up some cinnamon-hot chocolate after school. ^^)

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Alfred: It just really makes the whole thing that much more intense, you know?

Alfred: It just really makes the whole thing that much more intense, you know?

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